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Rahmah Pinky feels proud to sound like Sheebah

From the moment singer, Rahmah Nanyanzi alias Rahmah Pinky set foot into the commercial music business, many came out to claim that she sounded like singer Sheebah Karungi.

The comparison began immediately Pinky released her first single which was titled “Superstar” and we must say that once one hears the jam, they’d immediately notice the similarity.

The rumor went on since she had replaced Sheebah as the new mainstream artist under the Team No Sleep (TNS) management crew.

Fortunately, as time went by, Pinky somehow managed to rediscover herself as she tries so hard to get out of the Sheebah shell that many had placed her in with the release of her famous collaboration with Grenade official dubbed “Picha”.

A partnership that has garnered massive air rotation at different media stations.

While responding to claims in an interview that she sounds like Sheebah, Pinky replied that it is a pleasure to sound like someone that she has always admired for a long in the music business.

She went on to trash the critics who insist that she is older than the 18 years she claims to be.

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