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Madrat, Prima Kardashi at loggerheads

Socialite Prima Kardashi has come out and launch an attack against comedian Madrat.

Prima Kardashi stressed that it is Chico that people always want to see.

The Prima Lusaniya CEO strongly stated that Madrat uses comedy to abuse, disrespect, and embarrass people while performing.

She urged him to stop using comedy to do the above and called him unfunny as she pointed out that it is Chiko who is funny in the duo.

“Madrat comedy is not abusing, disrespecting, and embarrassing people. First of all, you are not even funny. It’s the fat one we always want to see,” she wrote on her Facebook page.

Her statements have left netizens with divergent opinions as some claim she has a personal issues against Madrat.

Others, however, back her point of view stating that several other local comedians have turned the stage into an opportunity to mock and embarrass people while using obscenities.

The likes of MC Mariachi, MC Kapale, Maulana and Reign, among others have previously been labeled ‘obscene’ by different people.

Previously, Mariachi was warned by Muslim community for undermining their religion.

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