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Bruno K targets having six children

Musician Bruno Kiggundu alias Bruno K is continuing to grab headlines following his latest comments on children.

The Faridah hit maker came out and say that his target is to have six children.

Bruno K already has two children with two different women and he doesn’t have plans of slowing down.

Although he doesn’t accept the kids immediately after they are conceived, Bruno K said he loves children and that he would want to have six children.

He revealed this while responding to a journalist who asked why he doesn’t take responsibility for his children without much pressure mounted on him.

Bruno K said he prefers to do the DNA of his children before he accepts them. It is not known whether he will find one woman to settle with as he is remaining with four children to hit his target.

These came after Bruno K stated that Faridah Nakazibwe is an incredibly kind person, which is also her weakness.

The singer further mentioned that Nakazibwe takes care of multiple children who are not her biological offspring. Additionally, she is the foster mother of Bruno K’s daughter, Brielle Kiggundu.

It should be noted that several people have been circulating rumors that the two are having an affair something they denied.

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