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Kapilipiti suspended from school over indiscipline

Rapper Mukoza Muhammad alias Kapilipiti Omubaya and his Hypers Kids Africa dance crew members got suspended from school.

The “Tompita Illuminati” rapper and his dancing crew were suspended from school for a period of four weeks over indiscipline and misconduct during a school assembly.

While speaking to media, Kapilipiti explained that he got suspended from school because he rallied his dance crew members to entertain fellow pupils as teachers were busy in a meeting.

In the course of entertaining pupils, they made too much noise that saw some get flogged for being indiscipline.

Instead of being walloped before his fellow pupils, Kapilipiti was given a suspension of four weeks since the teachers didn’t want to ashame him in front of his friends.

He however notes that if the teachers had ordered him to get flogged before his fellow pupils, he wouldn’t decline and he has since requested to be forgiven.

He adds that home is boring and that he wants to return to school to attend classes.

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