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Vivian Tendo distances self from Yese Oman Rafiki’s cheap talk

Songstress Vivian Tendo has distanced herself from producer Yese Oman Rafiki’s cheap talk that is making rounds across different social media platforms. While celebrating her 24th birthday, the singer revealed that producer Yese was there for her and had never disrespected her before they partied ways.

Vivian also thanked Yesse because he has contributed too much to ensure that she thrives through Uganda’s tough music industry.

A quick one, fast-rising singer Vivian Tendo Ntubiro officially parted ways with her management, Route Entertainment led by producer, singer and songwriter Yese Oman Rafiki. Oman Rafiki spoke out with a lot of pain about it.

According to Sabula Uganda news sources, the whole saga kick started when Yese Oman Rafiki (Viviane Tendo’s manager) stopped the singer from attending a music show in South Africa which was reportedly for free.

“Vivian wanted to go to South Africa to do a show for free something that we didn’t agree on as a management and she decided to move on,” said Yese Oman Rafiki during an exclusive interview.

The development marks end of the 3 years spell that Tendo has been enjoying with Oman Rafiki under Route Entertainment where she was enjoying everyday success like no more.

Vivian Tendo distances self from Yese Oman Rafiki's cheap talk
Singer Vivian Tendo

The singer is strong that she will silence her haters therefore she called upon all her fans for maximum support towards her new journey.

Vivian Tendo’s mother also revealed that her daughter and Yese Oman Rafiki still talk. Additionally, she advised her daughter to follow her heart and also put God first in everything she does.

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