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Zari blasts haters over her relationship with a young man

Zari Hassan is a celebrated man-eater. She has dated over 10 men, and it looks like she is not about to stop.

The mother of five is currently dating socialite Shakib Lutaaya who is just half her age despite claiming he is 30 years old.

Many have been attacking Zari on social media for liking her men young but she is now fighting back.

“Women who are on my case, leave me alone. You are cheating with married men and you are hidden like ARVs. Tell me if I’m lying,” she said in the TikTok video.

“You like men who are already in relationships. You allow these men to use you in darkness. They can’t sit with you at a restaurant and have a coffee with you.”

“Stop attacking me for enjoying my life”.

“He can’t even lie to his wife that it was a business meeting. He can’t sit with you in public. You are used like condoms, dumped in a dustbin. You wanna talk about me? Me, who is in love, who doesn’t steal married man,” Zari added.

Zari is regarded as one of the hottest women on social media.

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