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Winnie Nwagi and Fik Fameika get 10-year UK ban


Musicians Winnie Nwagi and Fik fameika are said to have been banned from stepping foot in the United Kingdom for the next ten years following an unresolved dispute with UK-based Ugandan promoter Maama Africa. 

Reports indicate the ban was effected after a petition by promoter Mama Africa to the Home Office over flaunting and defaulting on an agreement made between her and the duo.

For weeks now, a verbal exchange between Winnie Nwagi and the UK-based promoter has been ongoing. 

 Maama Africa accuses Nwagi and Fameika of failing to perform even after receiving their payment. 

She also accused the two of performing at another rival event leading to a flop of her event and incurred losses. 

The promoter wants all Swangz Avenue artists to stop performing in the UK.

She has contacted the UK International Consumer Centre (UKICC) to extend the ban to Azawi and Vinka.

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