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What You Need To Know About Princess Amiirah

Namata Ruth Kiwuulo Mbabazi who is popularly known as Princess Amiirah is a Ugandan music artist, singer and songwriter who came into the limelight in the year 2013 after releasing some popular hit songs like Ensonga, Sibookya and many others.

Princess Amiirah was born in Mityana which is found in the Central region of  Uganda.

She attained her primary school education in Mityana and after completing her primary school education.

Amiirah then joined Mityana Modern Secondary school  for her  Ordinary level education but due to the problem of lack of school fees, she transferred to another school called St. Charles Secondary School where she studied up to senior four.

But she was forced to drop out of school during mock exams simply because she did not have the money to pay for the exams.

After dropping out of school, Princess Amirah had to figure out what to do with her life.

That was the time when she decided to take on some odd jobs to help her earn some money to meet her needs.

She started looking for some jobs in the restaurants and she was lucky enough to land a job where she was paid  a thousand shillings per day where she was to wake up very early in the morning and start washing the dishes at the restaurant that had been used by the customers.

Princess Amiirah did that work for sometime and meanwhile she was also writing songs while not working in her free time as a hobby. 

She then one day decided to make up her mind to start selling the songs that she has been writing but she had no idea who could be able to buy those songs or which music studios that she could go to.

Princess Amirah then moved to Kampala the capital city of Uganda so that she could be able to sell her songs, armed with some money that she had saved  from her work at the restaurant, she boarded a bus and made her way to the city.

After arriving Kampala, she realised that it will be very difficult for her to be able to sell her songs since she didnot know who to approach or which studio to go to.

Amiirah decided to look for odd jobs that she could do especially the jobs in restaurants where she had ever worked before. 

She was called on certain interviews and she was offered a job where she was to serve food  and wash the dishes, she started earning some income there while looking for other opportunities.

Amiirah later also ventured into selling clothes by using the savings that she got from the restuarant job to buy clothes.

Later she started selling stationery before finally making up her mind to venture into the music industry. 

Princess Amiirah one time came across another Ugandan music artist called Chris Evans who introduced her to a man who is currently her manager responsible for handling her music business.  Princess Amiirah has released songs like Ensonga,  Asookya and many others.

She is an inspiration to all the youths, especially the young girls out there who are looking at joining the music industry.

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