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Sipapa’s Mother-In-Law Released On Police Bond

The issues concerning city socialite Charles Olim alias Sipapa’s arrest and detention on allegations of aggravated robbery saw his mother-in-law Annet Nsamba also dragged behind bars.

She was detained majorly on accusations that she was in possession of some of the valuables that were stolen from the Sudanese national.

The Police then carried out investigations and also conducted an interrogation against her that saw her spend about four days at Kabalagala Police station.

The positive news reaching us now, however, indicates thaf she was eventually released on Police bond at the end of last week.

Sipapa’s lawyer Robert Rutaro confirmed the reports concerning the release of his mother-in-law.

Robert Rutaro explained that she is now a free woman during Radio Simba’s Wolokoso program.

He further explained that the Police made another raid at Sipapa’s home and took all the new items that he had recently purchased saying they will act as exhibits.

Two journalists were also arrested in connection to Sipapa’s case as they are reported to be having more information about the socialites deeds.

It should be noted that by the time Sipapa’s mother-in-law was arrested, she was the one taking care of Sipapa’s newly born baby since Shamim who is also behind the coolers.

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