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No one can touch my baby bump – Karole Kasita

Karole Kasita is guarding her baby bump jealously and nobody is allowed to touch it fwaa, not even Eddy Kenzo.

“As who?” is how Karole Kasita replied to a fan’s comment that suggested, “He just wanted to talk to the baby.”

This was one of the several comments Kasita left on a video that went viral on different social media platforms on Wednesday.

In the video, Eddy Kenzo stretches his hand toward Karole Kasita’s baby bump but the songtress is quick to stop him.

She cheekily pushes his hand away before it reaches her body and they both laugh it off.

On the video we shared, several netizens were surprised to learn that Karole Kasita is pregnant as they asked, “Oh, so she is pregnant?”

Others questioned her closeness with the Big Talent Entertainment boss but we have since learned that the two are working on a new project.

The short clip was recorded during a shoot of their music video that is soon to be released.

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