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Naira Ali reveals the reason behind her separation with DJ Jacob Omutuuze

Naira Ali says that her “thing” with DJ Jacob Omutuuze, real name Jacob Akugizibwe Kyaligonza, was ruined by big-bummed women.

Before moving to settle in the United States of America, singer Naira Ali was rumored to have been dating popular radio presenter-turned-politician DJ Jacob Omutuuze.

Despite both personalities not openly confirming that they were dating, they were often seen too close to each other at various public events which kept the rumors about a possible affair spreading.

On Saturday, Naira Ali through her Facebook page shared a photo of DJ Jacob Omutuuze hugging her from behind and left the caption:

“Twalina love gwe! Just ba bigbum-ed slay queens bebayonona ekintu kyaffe,” literally translated as, “We had love! Just that big-bummed slay queens spoilt our thing.”

Her message was perceived differently by her various followers some of whom thought she was only joking as she usually does.

Others, however, believe that she was taking a swipe at Doreen Nasasira who is rumored to have been in a relationship with DJ Jacob after Naira Ali moved to the USA.

Doreen Nasasira is a curvy (big-bummed) woman and that is where the lines are being drawn currently but we hope it’s only a joke.

“Vva ku Doreen,” a one Blessed Le Tisha commented among several other commenters that asked if Naira Ali still has feelings for Jacob.

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