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Mr. Henrie apologizes to Prima

Mr. Henrie Arinaitwe has apologized to whoever was offended by him saying that women who bleach their skins “are not sweet.”

Over the weekend while on stage at the Rolex Festival, Mr. Henrie loudly noted how women who bleach are not good in bed.

“Bleached women are not sweet,” the Galaxy FM presenter said loudly while on stage with his workmate DJ Nimrod.

The video went viral on social media attracting backlash from the netizens most of whom wondered how he would say such a thing in public.

Others connected the dots and concluded that he was attacking his ex-lover Prima Kardashi who has often publicly admitted to lightening her skin complexion.

Upon hearing his remarks, Prima rushed to her social media pages where she also fired back with the caption, “I don’t always tolerate stupid people, but when I do, I’m probably at work.”

Mr. Henrie, upon the realization that what he said was starting a war, immediately apologized for his statements while on air at Galaxy FM.

The Galaxy FM presenter cleared the air saying that his statement was not a direct attack on Prima and that he was just caught in a moment of stage vibe.

“What I said yesterday is not related to my relationship. It was not directed to anyone in particular! It was just a vibe.”

“Lwakuba, when I said it, it came out wrongly for some people and they thought that perhaps I was directing it to someone.”

“Let’s correct this guys, I’m not attacking anyone, I will not go around commenting on people’s sweetness. Most importantly, I want to apologize to anyone who feels offended by my statement,” Mr. Henrie said.

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