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Mama Fina Donates 2M to Save Alimpa

After ‘government etuyambe’, ‘Mama Fina tuyambe’ is the most popular cry. And she surely comes through for many people.

Following a life-threatening accident, musician Ronald Alimpa’s life is still in danger.

He needs millions of money to undergo specialized treatment.

Mama Fina has donated 2M to cater for his treatment following the news that he needs money to foot medical bills.

Alimpa broke his legs and might require surgery to be able to walk again, according to people who have seen him.

The ‘Mazi ga bowa’ artist was left in critical condition following a nasty accident that claimed Lady Grace’s life on Semuto Road.

Denis Kafeero, Guitarist Kabuye Saudi and Alimpa’s uncle are others who were confirmed dead.

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