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‘I have achieved everything in music’ – Eddy Kenzo hits back at Irene Ntale

Eddy Kenzo has responded to Irene Ntale’s criticism by claiming that he has achieved everything he wanted to when he joined the music industry.

Irene Ntale was left unhappy when Kenzo came out and say that he is a bigger star than Philly Bongole Lutaaya.

In a scathing attack, Ntale said Eddy Kenzo wouldn’t have made such a statement at his level and if he is not serious, pride will bring him down from where he is in the music industry.

During an interview, Kenzo responded by saying Irene Ntale is just jealous of his success. 

The BET winner said he has achieved everything he ever dreamed of in the music industry.

He can decide to retire and do other business but if Ntale did the same thing, she would be described as a faded artist.

“I have achieved everything I wanted to when I joined this industry. I want Irene Ntale to know that. I can stop doing music and venture into other businesses and that would be my choice. I wouldn’t be called a faded musician if I retire,” he said in an interview.

“I’m not saying I can’t go any further because I’m not the best in the world. I still have a journey to accomplish. But my dreams as an individual, all the things I wanted to achieve, I have achieved,” Kenzo said.

“I’m now enjoying the bonus of my career. So, if have decided to quit music to go and dig, it will just be a choice, not that I have failed. I have fulfilled my dreams. That’s what I can tell [her].”

Kenzo remains the most awarded musician in East Africa and the second artist to brag about a Grammy nomination in Uganda.


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