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‘I am extremely busy to be on TV everyday’ – Sheilah Gashumba

After leaving NBS TV, Sheilah has come out and say that she is so busy to be on TV on a daily basis.

Earlier this year, Gashumba quit NBS TV for a radio job with NRG where she hosts a show every Friday evening.

Gashumba explained she couldn’t be on TV every day. She is always busy with business trips all over the world and yet her bosses expected her to appear daily.

“I am extremely busy to be on TV every day darling but I will be back on TV soon but not a daily show. I have so many jobs and I travel a lot, ” she wrote on her Snapchat responding to a fan who asked why she quit Next media.

It should be noted that Sheila Gashumba started her career at the age of eight years at defunct WBS TV. 

Since then, she has graced the screens of the biggest television channels in the country, interviewed some of the biggest names in Africa, and presented at some of the most prestigious events.

However, she emphasized that she is considering resuming TV hosting but not on a daily basis because of her tight schedule.

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