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How Sheikh Umar Wanted to Chew Dr Cephco’s Girlfriend Jowie

Hello, everybody, hope you are all doing great. I am pretty sure you have heard crazy stuff about Sheikh Umar who is trending all over social media platforms. Dr Cephco aka “Mr TikTokers Gather has bitterly come out and revealed how Sheikh Umar wanted to drill the safe waters out of his stubborn girlfriend Jowie thus causing his arrest.

“Sheikh Umar Started talking to my girlfriend way back even before Full figures’ case. He tried many times to throw sweet words (vibe) to my girlfriend (Jowie). For starters, he (Umar) got Jowie’s number from her official Tiktok account. Additionally, he used to send Jowy n#de pictures showing her how he had the biggest cassava in the pearl of Africa.

One day Jowie told me that Sheik Umar was vibing me, however I took it for granted because I thought a man like Umar couldn’t play around with my girlfriends sumbie. He one day promised her a huge birthday party and also added on that he was to buy her a car and build an expensive mansion for her.

I remember Jowy put him on a loud speaker and it was all my idea because I wanted to expose him on TikTok.

To cut the long story short, Sheikh Umar caused my arrest and also wanted to chew my girlfriend LIVE. I speak with authority because I have evidence to prove him guilty,” Dr Cephco said.

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