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Eddie Sendi and Jenkins Mukasa warn Daniella on attacking Mayanja Family

Renowned music critics Eddie Sendi and Jenkins Mukasa have come out and launch an attack towards artist Jose Chameleone’s wife Daniella Atim.

During an interview with media personality Kasuku, the two veteran radio personalities have warned Daniella to stop attacking Mayanja Family.

The USA-based Daniella has on several occasions, not been at par with her husband Jose Chameleone.

Just recently when a video of Chameleone beating up a boda boda cyclist for allegedly damaging his car, Daniella sent out a strong message asking for justice for the cyclist.

Her Instagram post in which she wrote, “Violence will not be tolerated,” seemed to shock several of her followers and critics who continued to believe that maybe they are not on good terms.

However, according to Mukasa, Daniella is still much love with Jose Chameleone.

“I think Daniella still loves Chameleone, she being too caring and loving. If she wants to fight for human rights a lot, let her go and study law,” Mukasa said.

Meanwhile, Sendi advised Daniella to focus more on what is happening in USA where she lives other than focusing on what is happening in Uganda.

“If you leave Uganda and go abroad, you go wholesomely. Daniella should give us a break, there are so many things she can write on. Leave Mayanja Family a lone. Focus on raising your children other than commenting on Mayanja Family,” Sendi advised.

It should be noted that Jose Chameleone is preparing for his concert dubbed Gwanga Mujje scheduled for 10th February 2023 at Lugogo Cricket Oval.

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