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Chameleone is using my name for relevance – Gravity Omutujju

The war of words between rapper Gravity Omutujju and Dr. Jose Chameleone is not about to end as words are continuing to come from Gravity attacking Chameleone.

In a new interview, Gravity Omutujju revealed that he didn’t celebrate when Chameleone’s concert failed a week or so ago, but Chameleone and his team had to drag him to get relevancy.

“I’m the star of the moment. If anyone wants to get relevant, they have to talk about me or something,” Gravity Omutujju claimed.

The ‘Money’ hit maker claimed that he is now musically stronger than Chameleone despite the latter being in the industry for some time.

“If we held a battle today, I would surely challenge him,” Gravity bragged.

Rapper Gravity Omutujju has recently been in the news not for his music but for his unending attacks against Jose Chameleone.

Gravity Omutujju now says he is a better musician than Chameleone and he can beat him hands down in a music battle.

He believes the Leone Island boss has now lost relevancy in the music industry and he is only remembered for his past songs.

Gravity Omutujju also said he is not ready to apologize to Chameleone for his comments recently postponed concert.

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