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Bettina Namukasa constructs house for her parents

Da Nu Eagles band singer Bettina Namukasa is grateful to God for enabling her to successfully complete the construction of her parents’ home.

The singer says that this was a goal she has always wanted to achieve and she feels blessed that she managed to make it happen.

She says it was not by her only her own efforts but through the grace of the Lord who makes the impossible become possible.

“I thank God for seeing me through that I have finally completed the construction of my parents’ home. God has been so good to me and I feel blessed to have made it

Bettina Namukasa

The “Emikisa gya’bakazi” fame singer also went on to purchase herself brand wheels as a sign of appreciating her hard work.

She explained that she managed to get all the property she has acquired through music because of patience and trusting in God.

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