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‘Am Single Because Of Media’ – Bruno K

Artist Bruno Kiggundu alias Bruno K has come out and attribute his single life to media blaming it for painting him as a bad husband.

According to the artist, the media has done more damage than good to him something that has made women not to trust him anymore.

It should be noted that Bruno K has been linked to several women over the years including NTV’s Faridah Nakazibwe despite being older than him.

Despite being well built and with good looks, he has no official woman.

He has now came out and admit that he is single but women find it difficult to date him because of the bad image painted by the media.

“Women don’t trust me anymore because the media has done a good job at painting me as a reckless man who has no responsibility,” he said.

“I’m single because of the media. I would have found someone to settle with but no one wants to be with me,” he added.

For the biggest part of March, Bruno K dominated the gossip columns after Vanessa Kirabo ran to the media for help in a child neglect saga.

Kirabo said that she started dating Bruno K in 2018 and she gave birth to her son but the singer has always denied it’s his son on top of not supporting them financially.

At the moment, Bruno K has two children from two different women, a girl and a boy.

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