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Ziza Bafana critically ill, hospitalized

Renowned dancehall king Ziza Bafana was on Sunday rushed to the hospital in critical condition following a strange disease.

The singer spent the Easter holidays sick nursing a terrible illness.

According to our sources, Bafana started feeling unwell on Saturday late at night and the situation went out of control in the early morning of Easter Sunday.

A video shared by Ziza Bafana’s close friend Kid Dee on TikTok shows the self-styled Dancehall god seemingly very weak on his sickbed.

He notes how he developed ulcers from poor feeding as he has not been eating on time due to his very busy work schedule.

Bafana advises his friends not to follow his path and to mind what they eat because the pain he is going through is too much.

“I’ve not been eating well and in time so I developed ulcers,” Ziza Bafana said.

Bafana attributed the genesis of the ulcers he is currently battling to his bad eating habits and urged his colleagues not to make the same mistake.

It’s understood that he last performed at Club Ambiance on Good Friday.

Kid Dee reveals that Bafana has been down since before the Easter weekend and asks for his fans to keep him in their prayers so that he recovers soon.

This comes at a time when the industry is sending out prayers and support for another entertainer Patricia Nabakooza a.k.a Sitya Loss who is bedridden due to throat complications.

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