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What You Need To Know About Mildred Tuhaise

Mildred Amooti Tuhaise is a Ugandan news anchor and news reporter at NBS Television. She is the founder of Girls Incorporated Uganda a Non Government Organisation in Kampala.

Early Life

Tuhaise was born in Masindi. She studied from Asaba Primary School in Masindi for PLE, Kawempe Mbogo Muslim Secondary School for O level and A Level at St Peters Naalya.

She later joined Makerere University where she acquired a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology.


In 2006, Tuhaise began her career in the media as a voice-over in adverts, news at Top TV (2008-2012). 

She then moved on to WBS TV as a news anchor (2012-2015) and in April 2015, she joined NBS TV where she does news anchoring (NBS at One), talk show host (Morning Breeze) and as a news reporter.

Personal Life

She serves as the CEO of Girls Incorporated Uganda a Non Government Organisation in Kampala.

Mildred Tuhaise is married to Swain Ssesanga and together they have children. The two got married in a colourful traditional ceremony in 2018.

Tuhaise believes in marriage and family because she’s a strong Christian and according to her without patience and understanding marriage or relationship cannot exist.

She says understanding comes from listening and if you don’t have the above qualities everything will fall apart.

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