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What You Need To Know About Mariam Ndagire

Mariam Ndagire who was born on 16 May 1971, is a Ugandan singer, entertainer, actress, playwright, film director, and film producer.


She was born in Kampala, Uganda’s capital city, to Sarah Nabbutto and Buganda’s Prince Kizito Ssegamwenge.

Ndagire attended Buganda Road Primary School, before transferring to Kampala High School, where she completed her O-level education.

For her A-Level studies, she attended Trinity College Nabbingo, in Wakiso District, where she graduated with a High School Diploma.

She went on to obtain a Higher Diploma in Marketing from Makerere University Business School in Nakawa.

Later, she was awarded a Diploma in Music, Dance and Drama, from Makerere University, Uganda’s oldest and largest public university.


Ndagire started out as a theatre actress, at age 15, which still a student at Kampala High School. She went on to join the Black Pearls of Omugave Ndugwa in 1987, where she starred in several plays up until 1993.

While there, she co-wrote her first play titled “Engabo Y’addako”. Later Ndagire, together with Kato Lubwama and Ashraf Simwogerere formed their own group the Diamonds’ Ensemble and they wrote several plays.

Ndagire is so passionate about helping young talent find themselves in the performing arts; that is the reason that she started The Next Ugandan Music, an American Idol-style show.

She also started a new training workshop for filmmakers at her center, the Mariam Ndagire Film and Performing Arts Centre MNFPAC, which holds film workshops for filmmakers every year.

Among the workshops’ notable participants are Sarah Kisauzi Sentongo, an actress with Deception, the NTV Uganda TV series, and screenwriter Usama Mukwaya.

In 2015 Ndagire was appointed by AFRICA MAGIC VIEWERS’ CHOICE AWARDS AMVCA to be part of the JURY

In 2019 Ndagire was appointed as a committee member of the Grand Jury of the GOLDEN MOVIE AWARDS AFRICA.


  • Mulongo Wange (1997)
  • Bamugamba (1998)
  • Onkyaye (2000)
  • Nkusibiddawo (2001)
  • Kamuwaane (2002)
  • Abakazi Twalaba (2003)
  • Akulimbalimba (2004)
  • Akalaboko (2007)
  • Maama (2007)
  • Byonna Twala (2009)
  • Majangwa (2009)
  • Oly’omu (2012)
  • Kiki Onvuma (2014)
  • Kibun’omu (2016)

Film and Television

YearTitleProduction roleNotes
2007Down This Road I WalkWriter, director, producer, actressFeature film
2008Strength of a StrangerWriter, director, producer, actressFeature film
2009Hearts in PiecesWriter, director, producer, actressFeature film
2010 – ongoingTendo SistersWriter, director, producer, actressTV series
2011Where We BelongWriter, director, producer, actressFeature film
2012Dear MumWriter, director, producer, actressFeature film
2013 – on goingAnything But LoveWriter, director, producerTV series
2013Belated TroubleWriter, director, producer, actressFeature film
2013You Can’t Break My WillWriter, directorShort movie
2015 – on goingJ-RoseWriter, director, producerTV series
2016Vicky’s DilemmaDirector, producerShort Movie
2016Intimate Partner Violence seriesDirector, producerShort Movie
2017NsaaliWriter, director, producerFeature Film
2017 – ongoingBA-AUNTWriter, director, producer, actressTV series
2017KAALAProducerShort Movie
2019 – ongoingOUR PERFECT WEDDING UGANDADirector, producerWedding Reality TV Show
2020On The OthersideWriter, director, producerFeature Film
2021My Husband’s WifeWriter, director, producerFeature Film
2022Kafa CohAsha Nkono (Actress)Feature Film

Social Platforms

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MariamNdagire
Twitter: https://twitter.com/MariamNdagire14
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mariamndagire_/
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/@TrendzStudios/videos

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