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Weasel regrets being alive – Kusasira

Former Eagles Production and Golden production band artist Catherine Kusasira has come out and disclose that singer Weasel Manizo once opened up to her about how he regrets being alive.

Kusasira said this while appearing on NTV’s popular programme ‘Mwasuze Mutya.’

According to Kusasira, about a year ago Weasel disclosed to her that he is regretting being alive following the death of his long-term music partner Moze Radio.

“One day Weasel told me that he regrets why he is still living…”

It should be noted that Weasel has not been the same since Radio’s death in 2018.

He has been receiving several criticisms from different people especially music critics who claim that he should let go of Radio’s death and move on with his life.

According to Kusasira, Weasel is going through clear depression and it’s the reason why he is doing many negative things.

Recently, Weasel has been in spotlight for beating his baby mama Sandra Teta but he denied the allegations.

Since Radio’s death, Weasel has not been serious in releasing new music and he does so on his own pace.

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