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Weasel Praises Jose Chameleone On His Birthday

Musician Douglas Sseguya alias Weasel has praised his elder brother Dr. Jose Chameleone during the birthday celebrations.

Weasel said that he found comfort in his elder brother, Jose Chameleone after he lost his long music partner Mowzey Radio in 2018.

In a recent confession, Weasel revealed how he wouldn’t have managed to move on if his brothers Chameleone and Pallaso had neglected him.

He said the two brothers have been very supportive and that he is blessed that the same blood runs in their veins.

“I thank my mother and father for bringing us on this earth but I wonder where I would be without Chameleone, I am here today because of the love you have continued to show me, especially you and Pallaso,” Weasel said.

They were celebrating Chameleone’s birthday on Sunday April 30th.

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