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Weasel Manizo announces Goodlyf Fest

Goodlyf singer Douglas Mayanja alias Weasel Manizo has officially announced the Goodlyf Fest to remember the legendary Mowzey Radio.

According to Weasel, the event, which will take place this year, will honor Radio’s life, legacy, and contributions to Ugandan and African music in general.

Last week, numerous musicians and music stakeholders hosted a two-day performance in Kagga, Uganda’s music capital, to commemorate Radio’s life and the impact he made on the country’s music business.

Karole Kasita, Feffe Bussi, Pallaso, and other artists performed during the concert. Weasel did not show up for the second day of the concert, but his brother Pallaso, who arrived late as well, said Weasel had gotten caught up in some troubles.

Since the death of Mowzey Radio four years ago, numerous players in the music industry, including promoters, media outlets, event presenters, and singers, have wished for an annual event to honor the dead soldier’s life.

The festival’s announcement comes after Uganda’s president fully opened the economy, allowing concerts and events to take place that had been closed for over two years.

Weasel, on the other hand, is yet to reveal the place, date, or price of tickets for those who will be going.

He now joins Big Eye and Eddy Kenzo, two bands who have already promised us events this year.

Kenzo planned to conduct Uganda’s first ever music festival, but it was canceled because to COVID 19, which put the country on lockdown.

Because Radio and Weasel worked with so many people in the music industry across Africa, we’re excited to see who will be performing at the Goodlyf fest.

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