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“We are Not trying to be Famous, we are Ok,” MC Kats Roars

NBS TV’s After 5 presenter Edwin Katamba aka MC Kats has finally cleared the air about allegations that Caroline Marcah stole his money to buy an iPhone. According to the King of the Mic, he reveals that Carol has had an iPhone for the last three years. Therefore he asked all haters to style up because he is not looking for fame because he is okay.

Kats also advised young bloggers in the business to style up and stop going after people for fake views. A few days ago, Spark TV Uganda revealed that Caroline Marcah stole MC Kats’ money to buy an iPhone.

“If somebody is attacking me, let them do so without involving my family and other parties in my fights. I don’t have any problem with MC Kats. I have been in the iPhone series for so long therefore I don’t know why you tarnish someone’s name because of a gadget. I am a very hardworking woman that’s why I work day and night. If they think I used MC Kats for fame, then they are wrong because Kats found me when people already knew me . Therefore my humble request to you is f**k off my name because I am a hustler,” Caroline Marcah said.

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