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Walukagga tips Pallaso to start behaving accordingly

After dominating headlines following his invitation to perform at Kabaka’s birthday event, Pallaso has been advised to behave by fellow artist Mathias Walukagga.

Last week, musician Pallaso was overjoyed when the Kabaka of Buganda Ronald Muwenda Mutebi recognized him as one artiste whose music he enjoys listening to while on exercises.

Kabaka said it was because of his love for Pallaso’s music that he invited him to perform at his birthday celebrations.

At the birthday celebrations, Pallaso shook hands with the Kabaka and had a brief chat with His Majesty.

And according to Mathias Walukaga who appeared before the cultural leader in the past, Pallaso needs to behave well.

“Pallaso should know that Kabaka will be watching everything he does. Pallaso should now act in a manner that makes the Kabaka proud. If he disrespects women or does anything bad, he will be embarrassing the Kabaka,” Mathias Walukagga said.

Pallaso has already started addressing himself as Sir Pallaso although he wasn’t knighted.

This moment came at the right time for Pallaso as he is in preparations for his Love Fest concert at Lugogo Cricket Oval on June 9th.

Pallaso over the moon after receiving Kabaka’s recognition

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