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Walukagga finds blood stains at his office

Kadongo Kamu giant Sir. Mathias Walukagga is living in fear after he found blood stains at his office doorstep something he cites as witchcraft.

According to the Bakoowu hit maker, this move is being plotted by his opponents who doesn’t wish him well at all.

The act of spreading blood stains all over his Town Council office doorway was done in the wee hours of Tuesday night.

Walukagga further stressed that the blood seemed to be of a slaughtered chicken and other birds.

He scoffed at whoever did the act as he boldly expressed that he did not first perform traditional rituals to become the Kyengera Town Council Mayor.

Mathias Walukagga stressed that a section of his opponents and haters are bitter about him because of the so many things he has so far achieved to develop his area which were not there before he went to the office.

According to Walukagga, he has offered school bursaries, fought land-grabbing sagas, given out start-up capital to women, built a storied building, and installed WIFI at the office among many other things that are giving his opponents a running noise.

He went on to narrate that a lot has been done to him and his team that runs duties at the Town Council but has assured his haters that he is not about to back down from doing what is right and needed to improve the community.

Mathias Walukagga’s next plan is to hold a prayer meeting at the office in an effort to fight satanic acts that were practiced in order not to be troubled in any way.

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