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Vivian Tendo denies being in relationship with Musa Atagenda

Singer Vivian Tendo has denied being in a relationship with Wakiso Giants FC boss Musa Atagenda despite the rumors that keep making rounds.

While appearing on Sanyuka TV, she this time took the denial a notch higher when she claimed that her and Musa are not friends at all.

She maintained that her and Musa are strangers despite often visiting the Wakiso Giants FC canteen and being offered free eats.


“Musa and I, we are just common people to each other just like others. We are not even friends at all. We’re just strangers to one another,” Vivian Tendo said.

When asked about holding a secret Kukyala with Musa, the “Hajjat Wa Hajji” singer distanced herself from the allegations saying they’re untrue and baseless.

She maintained that she wants to get married to a white man in the near future.

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