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Tojja Zinana Lydia Jazmine, Fans Roast Maurice Kirya – OMG!

Social media in-laws more so the Lydia Jazmine Addicts (LJ diehards) woke up with anger after faded singer Maurice Kirya made unnecessary comments on singer Lydia Jazmine’s music. According to these angry fans, they quickly told Maurice Kirya that he will never Kuzinana their diva because she is past his level.

This follows after the Busaabala singer revealed how he doesn’t know any of Jazmine’s music ever since she started her career.

“I don’t know any of Lydia Jazmine’s music, I just know her as a person because she’s beautiful and her pictures keep coming all over my timeline – Maurice Kirya said.

This called for mixed reactions from both LJ fans and the entire entertainment fraternity. Hmm, female singers Ruth Ngendo and Naira Ali were among the first artists to come out publically and take on Maurice Kirya.

“If this handsome man claims he doesn’t know Lydia Jazmine s Music. How did he know that she is a musician though it’s not a must for him to know all music in Uganda? Ono kilabikka yomu kubabandana,” Ruth Ngendo reacted.

“If this is true then this would be the “dumbest statement” to come out of such a smart person regardless of his ignorance about an industry he once wanted to preside over,” Naira Ali reacted.

In conclusion, what is your view about Maurice Kirya’s comments on Lydia Jazmine’s music? Drop those comments in the comment section below.

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