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Swangz Avenue’s Vinka unveils daughter’s face on her birthday

Songstress Veronika Nakiyingi alias Vinka unveiled her baby’s face to social media in-laws for the very first time, a year after she gave birth to her.

A quick one, the Thank God singer gave birth to her daughter on 19th January 2021, during her musical break. However, the singer decided to hide the facial identity of her daughter from water mouthed social media in-laws. Additionally, she only expressed her joy through social media posts for having such a great gift from God.

Vinka yesterday shared the full identity of her daughter on all her social media handles as she celebrated her birthday.

However, in the pictures her baby daddy who also happens to be the father of her daughter doesn’t appear anywhere though his face is also known to the public.

Vinka unveils daughter

In the post that Vinka shared on Instagram, she captioned the pictures with words of excitement and joy.

“To you my little ray of light, you’re the most precious thing that has ever happened to us. Don’t even have the right words to explain how happy you make

Daddy and Mummy love you so much, Happy Birthday beautiful,” Vinka posted.

Vinka unveils daughter

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