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Sumi Crazy Speaks Out About Pregnancy Devastations During Lockdown

Talented singer Sumi Crazy has spoken out about how devastating it was to be expecting a baby during the covid-19 lockdown period.

During an exclusive interview with Timesug, Sumi disclosed that by the time the first lockdown was instated in March 2020, she was already expecting although she was not yet aware that there was an other life growing inside her.

It was only towards the end of the first month of lockdown that she realized she has a little angel on the way. Along with the devastations that came with the lockdown, she also needed to take care of herself and the baby she’s yet to have.

Many artists were already battling with the impacts of the lockdown since they couldn’t have live performs as it initially was to draw in some cash and neither could they be invited for live individual performances.

Since Sumi is member to the music industry of Uganda, she faced the same huddles and says it is only the Lord’s Grace and never ending mercies upon his children that saw her during the lockdown.

Now she has her lovely baby and promises she has a lot in stock for her fans and will surely keep them entertained now that the arts and performing industry has fully been opened.

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