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Simon Muyanga Lutaaya Reveals The Reason For His Sacking At Baba TV

Veteran journalist Simon Muyanga Lutaaya have come out and reveal the reason as to why he was sacked at Baba TV.

According to the former NBS TV presenter, Rt. Hon. Anita Annet Among influenced the suspension of Lutaaya over his mockery program.

During this program, he undermined the Parliament following the censure of state Minister for lands, housing and urban development Hon. Persis Namuganza.

This happened during a live show lashed out at parliament for mobilizing itself to cause the censure of the Busoga Minister as though it was the most pressing issue at hand.

“I want to thank parliament for censuring Namuganza. Uganda’s problems are finally solved by this censure. Hospitals will have drugs, our roads will be okay, the youths will get jobs, and Uganda cranes will qualify for Afcon now that Namuganza is gone,” Lutaaya remarked.

However, this didn’t go well with his bosses as the management of Baba TV has been under immense pressure levied by the office of the speaker as she demanded that the journalist is sacked for manifesting unprofessional standards.

Baba TV therefore, decided to comply with the threats from the office of the speaker by suspending their own staff.

“It has come to our attention that one of your staff Sir Simon Muyanga Lutaaya has conducted himself in a manner that breaches the minimum broadcasting standards of the UCC. We demand that he is suspended and investigated for misconduct,’ a letter from the office of the speaker addressed to the Baba TV management reads.

Meanwhile, Lutaaya was left wondering how his employers failed to defend their employees just because of the message from the Parliament.

Lutaaya started his journalism career with the NGABO Newspaper towards its closure, Juba Times Newspaper, Kiira Fm and NBS FM in Jinja before moving to Central Broadcasting Services,CBS and later NBS Television

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