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Silk Events owner denied bail

Renown city businessman and events owner Elvis Ssekyanzi Wavamunno was last week sent to Luzira prison over failure to clear an outstanding debt amounting to USD $230,000 (Shs830Million).

Elvis Ssekyanzi, the son to Gordon Wavamunno, was dragged to the courts of law after accumulating the above mentioned debt from Mash Investment Limited in the year 2016.

He spent last weekend behind coolers as his team and his lawyers planned how to help him be set free with a request for bail.

However, his bail application hearing was turned down in court after paying off Shs200m.

The court asked Elvis Ssekyanzi to at least pay a quarter of the debt so that he can be granted bail which he failed to do and was hence further remanded to Luzira.

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