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Shocking! Feffe Bussi isn’t the father of Karole Kasita’s child though he chewed, Former Manager Joram Lukisa

SHOCKING!!! The chicken fight between singer Karole Kasita & her former manager Joram Lukisa is not about to end. This is because manager Joram has spilled more bitter truth about the real father of Karole Kasita’s child. According to Joram, he says that rapper Feffe Bussi is not the biological father of Karole’s child even though he was among the smart wires who chewed the forbidden fruit in the last days before she was ballooned.

Manager Joram said that he has been in bitter fights with different people just because of Karole Kasita but has now revealed what happened.

Joram confirmed in an interview that he is no longer working with Karole Kasita anymore. Additionally, rapper Feffe Bussi was heartbroken after finding out he is not the father of the child. This statement left social media in-laws shocked because all along they though Feffe was the father to Kasita’s child.

He revealed that the father is a city businessman man who hates being in camera but for contraversy just because Karole and Feffe were dating, she decided to tell him he was the father.

“I have worked with Karole Kasita for a long time and I have done a lot of good things for her. I have been spending hours of the night on the road, outside, trying to push her music but she is unappreciative,” manager Joram said.

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