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Sheila Gashumba offered 20M to spend a night with strange guy

Media personality and social influencer Sheila Gashumba has been offered UGX 20M to serve her goodies to a strange guy for one night.

The ‘NBS After5’ presenter took it to her Snapchat where she revealed that someone inboxed her on behalf of his rich friend with an offer on the table.

However, this vexed Gashumba and she made it clear that she is not a prostitute.

“People are fuckin stupid. How do you call my phone without even introducing yourself, mbu a rich guy wants to you. He had 20M. Is prostitution anywhere on my bio?” Gashumba wrote.

“Being a woman is hard. He dared to even ask me why I had not been picking up my calls,” she added.

Gashumba started presenting a teen`s club show on WBS TV in 2007.

Sheila later joined NTV where she presented T-Nation and later NTV The Beat with Douglas Lwanga.

In November 2021, she joined NBS Television where she currently hosts NBS After5, an entertainment show which airs from Monday to Friday from 5:00pm up to 7:00pm with MC Kats, Douglas Lwanga, DJ Mercy Pro and DJ Roja from the duo Slick Stuart & Dj Roja.

Because of her influence in media and limelight, many rich men are dreaming of spending some good time with her.

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