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Sheebah unmoved by critics

Sheebah Karungi claims that she is unmoved by her critics and those talking negatively about her because they have for long thrown shade at whatever she lays her hands on.

Several people have for long been criticizing Sheeah especially her dress code and her negative comments about marriage.

However, she stressed that she is in a transformation process and wants to be a better version of herself and that criticism is not a new thing to her.

According to the Ice Cream hit maker, she has been underestimated and despised ever since she joined the music business and for that case, it is not something she gives much attention.

“Growing up is a gift and you have to thank God for. You decide to stop doing certain things and start doing things that make you a better person,” Sheebah said.

“I’m in my transformation stage. I’m transforming into another person, but a better version of who I am, or who I was.”

“People who talk, that’s not new to me. I’ve always been doubted. And I’ve always been underestimated. I’ve been despised ever since I joined the music industry. So, it’s not something I give attention.”

“Regardless of what they said, I’m here. It’s more about believing in myself, than them believing in me,” She added.

Sheebah went on to assure her doubters that one day they will join her because the fact is that they can’t beat her.

“After I believe in myself, they will believe in me. Haven’t you heard of the saying, “if you can’t beat them, join them”? So, they won’t be able to beat me, they will join me at a certain point.”

“Also, if you focus more on what people are saying, you can’t win. People have always told me I can’t handle, right from when I joined dancing,” she further added.

Sheebah is set to hold a two day concert a first of its kind in the Ugandan Music Industry at the Kampala Serena hotel on Friday the 9th and Saturday the 10th of December 2022.

Party goers will have to part with 150k for for ordinary tickets and 3 million shillings for a table of eight people and Sheebah is optimistic that the show will be a success.


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