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Seen Don singer Ronald Alimpa Complete biography

I am sure if you are a music addict, you have listened to Ronald Alimpa’s song dubbed Seen don (Olusuku Lwa cement). Well if you have not, worry not, in this article, we bring to you a complete biography of singer Ronald Alimpa who some media personalities have tried to put down due to his success. Yes, I just said some for example, NBS TV’s Kayz who was told point blank by Ronald Alimpa himself during an interview to stop putting people down.

Too much of the introduction, lets dive into Alimpa’s biography now.

Ronald Alimpa is a Ugandan songwriter, and performing artist from the pearl of Africa. He is very popular for his hit song Seen Don (Olusuku Lwa cement) which went viral all-over social media and main stream media. Additionally, he is the most trending artist in the country right about now.

Alimpa was born in 1994 in Wakiso District. This is where he grew up from with his siblings. Also, he started his childhood education here before he moved to Kampala, the capital city of Uganda in search for greener pastures.

While in Kampala, Alimpa thought of joining the music industry because its where his passion was. Therefore, he decided to drop out of school and start off his music career. The Seen Don singer started his official music career way back in 2018. He then released his first song dubbed Abaafuna in 2019 which was remixed with Spice Diana in March 2020. This I can say is the song that brought Ronald Alimpa on the Ugandan Music Scene in 2020.

Wow, he griped on until he released Seen Don audio in the same year. Thanks to Tik-Tok which made Ronald Alimpa’s song go viral thus him shooting the video in 2022. Olusuku Lwa cement is Ronald’s breakthrough and surely Ugandans are ready to support this great talent.

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