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Sanyuka TV Apologizes for Airing Gravity Interview

Next Media’s Sanyuka TV regrets airing an interview in which Gravity Omutujju bragged about beating his wife, and saying he enjoys it.

“We recognize that we ought to have been more mindful of the significant risks for survivors and others regarding Gender-Based Violence, a vice we largely condemn as a brand.
We are truly sorry!” a statement by the Head of Corporate Affairs, Desire Mugumisa read.

“We have, together with Gravity Omuttujju, since undertaken measures to correct our wrongs, starting with the artiste’s concerted efforts to apologize for the comments on Sanyuka Television,” the message from Sanyuka management. 

Gravity had earlier apologized and said it was a joke. He apologized and promised to do better.

Fans had threatened to boycott his music and upcoming concert.

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