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Ronald Alimpa pleads for forgiveness from his mother

Singer Ronald Alimpa has come out and apologize to his mother for disrespecting her, something he denied at first.

Additionally, Alimpa asked for forgiveness from his mother although he said that he doesn’t remember insulting her.

“I want my mother to forgive me if I really wronged her. However, I don’t remember saying she wants me to date her because I don’t think I could say anything like that to my mother,” Alimpa said.

“I love her and she also knows that our relationship is going nowhere because she is my mother and no one will ever replace that.”

“I know she doesn’t like my wife and I understand that she doesn’t need to like my wife,” he added.

It should be noted that Alimpa bitterly insulted his mother after she reportedly stopped his colleagues from bringing toxic substances to his sickbed where he’s getting treatment from after getting involved into an accident.

Alimpa’s insults towards his mother, forced Mama Fina to withdraw her medical support and all other additional things that she was giving to him.

However, controversially Alimpa has now said that it’s true he smokes and he’s not about to quit these drugs.

According to Alimpa, he started smoking at age 12 on the streets because he had no where to rub to.

This is because they have provided solace to him especially when he had no one to give him company.


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