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RIP the best Dad of all time, Catherine Kusasira pens emotional message

Singer and presidential advisor Catherine Kusasira Sserugga has penned down an emotional message after her amazing father passed away. She revealed that she has lost the best dad of all time, someone who is irreplaceable. Kusasira confirmed the sad news through her official social media handles.

The singer also called upon all social media in-laws to pray for her grand mother because she has lost 2 of her great sons in one month.

“Rest in peace Dad I’m gonna miss you. Pray for my grand mother having buried 2 of his sons in one month. Burial arrangements on Thursday 16th of June 2022 at Busiika,” Catherine Kusasira posted.

This sad news comes in at the time when she [Catherine Kusasira] was all over different socials after getting involved in a chicken fight with motormouthed Full figure.

Catherine vowed to arrest Full Figure for abusing her on different social media platforms. However, the great news is that they both reconciled and buried their hatchet.

Kusasira however promised to arrest Full figure if dares to abuse her again. This was therefore a great gesture because we are not all perfect.

As Sabula Ug, we continue to send in our heartfelt condolences to the Kusasira family, May the soul of the deceased rest in eternal peace.

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