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Rema sends Kenzo consoling message following brother’s death

Eddy Kenzo’s ex-girlfriend has posted a consoling message after learning about the death of Kenzo’s elder brother.

Eddy Kenzo and his faminly woke up to the sad news of the passing on of a family member Mande Hassan Kiwalabye on Thursday morning.

Mande was attacked by thugs in the areas of Katwe, a Kampala suburb, on Monday who reportedly beat him so bad to the point that they left him unconscious and with severe injuries including a broken jaw.

Mande was reportedly taken to a hospital along Buganda Road to receive treatment on his jaw and doctors acted fast in trying to save his life but in the end they failed.

“Rest well mzeeyi Mande bambi…Mungu akusonyiwe byonna,” Rema posted on her Twitter handle.

Eddy Kenzo has went on to receive messages from several people from Twitter consoling him for the loss of his brother.

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