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Rema Namakula’s failed bleaches disappoint Netizens

Despite being loved by very many people, artist Rema Namakula is facing huge criticism on social media after her alleged photo showing her failed bleaching surfaced online.

People haven’t yet realized Rema’s black spots until photos surfaced different Social Media platforms.

This is because Rema has been the kind of artiste covering her whole body even while performing on stage.

Being a mother and a Muslim people thought it is for that reason but unfortunately it is another thing as many concluded that she has been hiding her black spots because of her failure to bleach some parts of her body.

Rema took a photo with fellow singer Spice Diana and this photo shows brown Rema on the face but with black legs.

This prompted netizens who were praising her beauty to attack her claiming she had all along been living a fake beauty.

Rema has for long been praised as one of the most beautiful female artists in the country because of her dimples, eyes and body structure.

And she hasn’t been among female celebrities who have been proud of bleaching something that left Netizens a bit disappointed.

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