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Rema Namakula sends sweet birthday message to Dr Hamza Sebunya

Singer Rema Namakula has today poured out her love and affection towards her husband Dr Hamza Sebunya on his birthday. The singer loves Dr Hamza like there is no tomorrow and she makes every social media in-law believe that true love exists when you meet the right partner. According to the Akafe che singer, she revealed to Sabula Ug that she wanted to make her hubby’s birthday special. This is because he is the man who she dreamt of since her child hood, therefore, she is ready to do anything to keep a smile on his face.

Yesterday she posted videos on her social media platforms of the preparations for the celebrations today. It was all colorful and glamorous to watch. Initially such birthdays have been more of surprises but this time around the party was announced a day before.

Rema Namakula sends sweet birthday message to hubby Dr Hamza Sebunya

In a post, she reveals that she is very lucky to have Hamza Sebunya, the best motivator who always pushes her to achieve her dreams. Again this has proven wrong all social media in-laws who thought that this relationship would end in tears.

“Sunshine on my gloomy days, I’m lucky to have the best motivator, always pushing me to chase my dreams. I’m beyond grateful to have you by my side. Loving and pampering the little ones and I love you.

Seeing you be such an amazing, patient, sweet and adoring daddy to our girls is another dream come true. More life sweet king.” Rema Namakula posted.

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