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Rema expresses admiration for Winnie Nwagi’s realness

Winnie Nwagi registered a sold-out concert at Lugogo Cricket Oval, Kampala on Friday 9th September 2022.

Her fellow singers Rema Namakula and Juliana Kanyomozi attended in person to show support for the Swangz Avenue singer.

While speaking to the press at the concert, Rema revealed that she loves how real Nwagi is and that she does not pretend as other people do.

She also asked people to forgive Nwagi if she has ever offended them but they should also appreciate the fact that it is just her character and personality.

“She is also human, if she has made a few mistakes, let’s understand that she is human. And she doesn’t pretend.”

“If you annoy her, she will let you know and that’s what I like about her. She’s real,” Rema said.

Rema also said that she wasn’t surprised by the big turnup she witnessed at Lugogo Cricket Oval as she has always believed in Nwagi’s talent.

“I wasn’t surprised at all. I was really anticipating this. I was on the phone texting with Juliana (Kanyomozi), sending each other fire emojis as we prepared to come and attend. I knew she (Nwagi) was gonna make it.”

“Winnie is a star, you have to accept this. This support she has received is worth it. It befits all the years she has existed without staging a concert and she must be so happy,” Rema said.

Winnie Nwagi was supported by several entertainers who promoted the concert prior to D-day and some also attended the concert in person.

Rema called upon fellow artists to continue showing such type of support to the other entertainers as well as it is the only way the industry will develop.

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