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Raymond Bindeeba DUMPS Precious Remmie, Here is why

JUST IN – News coming in confirms that Raymond Bindeeba’s relationship with NBS & Sanyuka TV presenter Remma Nakitto alias Precious Remmie aka Ray P has ended in premium tears. A few days back, there arose a rumor that Bindeeba had dumped Ray P but then Raymond Bindeeba took to Facebook, and trashed the talk by sharing photos enjoying good moments with Precious Remmie.

According to Muhangi Richard alias MC Richie, Precious Remmie and Raymond Bindeeba met in Turkey during his Summer Festival and kicked off relationship.

Bindeeba lied to Precious Remmie that he worked for The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). He then asked Ray P how much she was paid at NBS TV, of which she said that she was paid 700K ugx. Bindeeba quickly converted the amount to USD and it amounted to about $200. Bindeeba then got shocked and revealed to Ray P that that’s the amount of money he is paid in one hour.

To cut the whole story short, Bindeeba ordered for a fake engagement ring online worth $3, something that convinced Ray P that he is Mr. Right. She (Ray P) then rushed and told her friends that she had got a boyfriend from the United States of America.

These two made arrangements for the engagement ceremony where by Bindeeba ordered for a cheap cake from MUKIYMEBE.

Here is why the relationship ended in Tears.

The two boarded Kenya Airways and flew to Paris but Ray P showed AMAALO where by she took unnecessary photos from weird places something that pissed off Raymond. Also according to MC Richie, Bindeeba complained that Ray P was no longer sweet.

Just like any other day, Ray P woke up one day and went for work but while in the studio, the producer alerted her that her phone was over ringing. So she picked up only to be told by Bindeeba that their relationship was no more. Dem it, this statement shocked Ray P, in fact she thought Bindeeba was kidding, but it was all the truth. Bindeeba’s new catch boldly told him to inform Ray P that it was over between her and him.

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