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Rapper Professor Jay admitted in Hospital, his health worsens

Tanzanian Rapper Professor Jay admitted in Muhimbili National Hospital as his health worsens

Professor Jay, a well-known Tanzanian rapper-turned-politician, has been fighting for his life in hospital for the past three weeks.

Professor Jay’s hospitalization was revealed during a radio interview on Cloud FM by his wife Grace Mgonjo.

Mrs Haule said her husband is doing well in treatment at the Muhimbili National Hospital in Dar es Salaam, and she is asking for donations to help cover Jay’s hospital bills.

Several Tanzanian and Kenyan celebrities took to social media to pray for Professor Jay and ask their fans to consider donating to Prof’s urgent medical fund.

On Wednesday, WCB Signee Zuchu and the Wasafi FM breakfast crew paid a visit to Professor Jay’s wife at Muhimbili hospital, where she was caring for her sick husband.

“Today, I and the entire Wasafi FM Goodmorning team had the opportunity to pay a visit to our Superwoman wife of Our Legendary Brother Professor Jay to wish her well and let her know that we are with her during this difficult time. We stand by them and pray for him and our brother. Professor, get well soon “Zuchu made a post.

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