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Rabadaba breaks up with Nalongo Maggie, she spills top secrets

Uganda’s faded musician Rabadaba real names Faisal Seguya has reportedly broken up with his girlfriend Nalongo Maggie Kaweesi. Not so long ago, the couple made their chewing lessons official through an introduction ceremony that happened at Busambaga Katabi, Entebbe.

Singer Rabadaba was introduced to Nalongo Maggie Kaweesi”s parents in a ceremony that was limited to not more than 100. Hmm, to break this whole thing down, these were his close friends and family.

According to Sabula Ug news sources, Maggie was even forced to convert to Islam in the name of love. Therefore this saw her change her name to Salha. Additionally, Maggie Kaweesi is the mother of the AK47’s twins and also singer Grenade Official’s ex-girlfriend.

It seems Rabadaba has never ever settled in a serious relationship for long as he broke up with video vixen & model Sheila. Additionally, he had two kids with Sheila before their relationship ended in premium tears. According to reports, Sheila, Rabadaba’s ex-girlfriend is currently settled in the UK.

Enough of that talk, the latest coming into our newsroom confirms that Rabadaba’s relationship with Nalongo Maggie is no more. According to the leaked audio, Nalongo reveals that the ‘Love portion’ artiste just wanted to chew, use and dump her like rubbish.

“Rabadaba is accusing me of falling in love with another man which is not true. He has no interest in me. In fact, he has never loved,” Nalongo Maggie Kaweesi said.

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