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QR my son, I cry seeing you this way – Ronald Alimpa’s mother

Seen Don (Lusuku Lwa Cement) singer Ronald Alimpa’s mother has cried out to whoever can chip in and help her out on her bedridden son. Ronald Alimpa broke his legs after he was involved in a deadly accident which even claimed singer Lady Grace’s life a few days back.

While speaking to Sabula Ug, she prayed for her son and wished him a quick recovery because seeing him in this kind of situation makes her cry. Additionally, it also reminds her of his birthday, something that every parent wouldn’t wish their children to go through.

Alimpa, who according to publicly available information, was born in 1994, sustained nasty injuries last Thursday following a car crash that killed four of his colleagues.

“When I’m looking at Ronald, I see he is regaining strength. In all honesty, it reminds the time I had just given birth to him because when they told me about the accident, my insides started churning, but right now I’m feeling happiness like after you’ve just given birth,” Ronald Alimpa’s mother said.

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